Friday 11 September 2020 | #178-3
Community icon presented with Australian award
Zia Ahmad
Dr Qazi Ashfaq Ahmad OAM, 90, a retired professor of mechanical engineering and a Quranic scholar and long time community leader was presented with his Order of Australia medal on Tuesday 8 September 2020 by Her Excellency the Honourable Margaret Beazley, the Governor of NSW.
The award was announced on 26 January earlier this year but the investiture ceremony was much delayed due to the pandemic and was held this week at the Government House in Sydney under COVID-19 restrictions.
Dr Ahmad, professor and head of department of mechanical engineering in Kashmir was forced to leave his job and arrived in Australia in 1971 and has been in the forefront of building Islamic institutions, founding community organisations and promoting interfaith harmony for almost half a century.
The calamity of the pandemic and mercy
Bilal Cleland

This pandemic has been devastating for many families and economies but within the horror there is evidence of mercy. We are witnessing a major focus throughout the world on the inequalities and injustices which this pandemic has exposed. It has brought a new consciousness of social and political responsibility, exposing racism, corruption and stupidity in the ruling elite of many nations.
'Mental torture': Muslim immigration detainees allege their food is not halal
Faseeha Hashmi
Muslim immigration detainees in Brisbane have filed a complaint to the Australian Human Rights Commission claiming they have not been given certified halal food for more than 12 months; infringing upon their human rights.
Outrageous: Book on Modi in the US Curriculum
Dr Aslam Abdullah
The US-based digital reading platform, EPIC is built on a collection of 40,000+ books from 250 plus publishers—that claims to fuel curiosity and reading confidence for kids up to 12. The platform is open to all including students and teachers living outside the US. It recently introduced a book on Modi, the current Prime Minister of India widely known as the Butcher of Gujarat responsible for the killing of Muslims during riots after the demolition of Babri mosque in 1992.
Abdullah wins 'Australian Muslim Artists Art Prize'
Mei Nee Cheong
Tips for Year 10 students choosing their HSC subjects
Umar Khan
3 reasons why investing earlier builds more wealth
Fahd Dameer
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